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English is the most popular and widely used language, both in speech and in writing in our Institution. The language has made tremendous advances amongst the students. More efforts are put into the preparation, construction and writing. Students are prepared to learn with enthusiasm and enjoyment. One of the most powerful techniques used here is team work. The English Literary Club and its members of this institution organize various activities on a regular basis and help the students to grow with confidence.

“You become what you think.” The college is aiming towards dispensing with passive learning and facilitating the learners with the help of skill based modern curriculum.

Objectives of our Department are as follows:

  • To be able to use the language structure
  • To improve communication skills
  • To participate in conversations and discussions
  • To realize the importance of English in the local and global job markets
  • To gain a reasonable command over the language in order to be in a better position

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Department of English

+918153 261733/261833

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Ms. Jean Saldanha, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.

Head of the Department & Asst. Professor

Experience:15 yrs

Ms. Anne Aruna Kumari

Designation : Asst. Professor
Gender : Female
Qualification : MA(Eng),MA (MCJ), B Ed.,
Experience : 10 Years
Date of Entry into Service : 01-06-2009

Ms. Elizabeth Rani S

Designation : Asst. Professor
Gender : Female
Qualification : MA,M.Phil, B Ed.,
Experience : 12 Years
Date of Entry into Service : 15-6-2007

Mr. Perinba Prabhu P

Designation : Asst. Professor
Gender : Male
Qualification : MA, LLB.,
Experience : 1 Year
Date of Entry into Service : 01-10-2019