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Outreach Programme of CWC

The Students of CWC Forum as a part of their extension activity went to the Vemana Vidya Samsthe in Kesambahalli, 12 September 2017 on the theme VALUE EDUCATION to the students of 8th, 9th and 10th Standard in the School Premises.

The Chief Guest Dr. Rekha Sethi, Principal of SBMJC inaugrated the session by her motivational talk adressing the students in improvising their talents and skills.


  1. To improve the leadership qualities of the students.
  2. To impart Value Education to the rural students.
  3. To educate them the importance of personality development, moral values.

Activities undertaken.

Students were told about the importance of moral values in their life, musicclasses were held, an activity on improvisation of concentration power in class room education, game to overcome stage fear, motivational videos were played.


Overall the staff members and the students were happy and there was active participation from all students.

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ECO Club Inauguration 2K17

A Green initiative play an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation. Eco club 2017-18 is the sixth year of inauguration.

The programme was unenlightened by our principal, Dr. Reka sethi, Chief guest of the day.  Mr.  Savinay Kumar from department of life s ience given presentation about the topic “Health and Hygiene”.

Our eco-club ismade up of 70 members and co-ordinators.  The co-ordinators are Ms.  Sangeetha,  Mr.  Amarnath Reddy,  Ms. Mahamadi,  Ms.  Sumalatha

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