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National Science Day 2017

National Science Day was organised on 28th Feb 2017

The Chief guest was Dr.S.Kumar Reddy scientist from NIRM Intra collage
The Competitions held were
1) drawing – landscape
2) collage- development of science from old century to new century
3) quiz competition-gk& basics in science
4) pot painting- flower designing
5) handy crafts- model of insects
6) dum charades- general words and science related words

All the competitions was for the classes BCA,PMCS,BGB

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National Science Conference on “Innovative Technology to Combat Climate Change in India”

Global warming is increase in the average temperature of the earth atmosphere due to the human activities this causes changes in the global climate.

Climate varies from place to place due to geographical condition. India has been traditionally exposed to natural disasters on account of its geo climatic conditions.

This conference had become an ideal place for all those inquisitive to know and learn about the progresses being made in it and to be made.

First National Conference on Innovative Technology to Combat Climate Change in India is organized by the department of sciences at SBMJC,KGF. The Inauguration was held at conference hall around 10.00 am.

Inauguration started with invocation song by Manoj, III BCA followed by lighting of the lamp by the Principal Dr. Rekha Sethi, Dr.Ramachandra, Dr. V.S.Prakash,

Dr. Suresh and Dr. Aravind.

Mr. Kalaichelvan  HOD & Organizing Secretary of the conference  welcomed the gathering.

Louisena Vinodh Priya HOD Dept. of  Life sciences, spoke about the conference and & its objectives to overcome the climatic change. Environmental degradation and climate change being for most challenges confronting human civilization.

Dr. Rekha Sethi , Principal SBMJC KGF, delivered the inaugural address and she spoke about the role of science and technology in combating  climatic changes.She stressed on the need to address the depleting natural resources which are non-renewable and increase the industrialization and globalization.

Dr. T.V.Ramachandra, Professor, Centre of Ecological Sciences ,IISc, Bangalore delivered the keynote address on global warming and climate change.

He shared his views on climate change, rainfall, forests and factors responsible for  water scarcity. He clearly pictured  the present condition of  Bangalore and its future problems. Finally he advised the students to be courageous.

Dr. Suresh, Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering BMS College, Bangalore

In his address strongly opined that every drop of water is accountable, and he is working on a project which develops an automated process that takes care of water requirement of a crop as and when the crop demands.

Dr. Aravind, Professor, NIMHANS, Bangalore spoke about the  Disaster and Mental Health, and how the disasters occur due to climatic change in term affects the mental health. He concluded that all the stakeholders in this arena need to be sensitive to the impact of Psycho-social care on the people.

Technical Session started under the Chairmanship of Dr.V.S. Prakash, Director Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring centre, Bangalore

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