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Workshop on Bioinformatics

The department of life sciences organized two days MAKEINTERN Workshop in association with spring fest –IIT Kharagpur on 23rd and 24th October 2017 on Bioinformatics. Students of I, II, and III  B.Sc BGB  actively participated in the workshop and gained the Knowledge.

First day started with inauguration and the session was headed by Dr.Rekha Sethi Principal SBMJC followed with technical session by Dr Prashantha Trainer IIT.  Principal spoke about the role of bioinformatics and its importance. Dr Prashantha started the session with introduction to Biotechnology and its role on human health followed with basic concepts of molecular biology in Bioinformatics.

Second day started with practical session on NCBI regarding gene and protein sequencing .Students were grouped and had an interaction on the concerned topic. Aptitude test was conducted and top five students were selected for the intercollegiate level held at IIT Kharagpur.

Top five students selected

  1. Saranya L                         III BGB
  2. Qudsiya Athar                 III BGB
  3. Gagana                            II BGB
  4. Vedha shree                   II BGB
  5. Ashwin M                         II BGB

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National Nutrition Week 2k17

The department of Life Sciences observed National Nutrition Week from 1st to 7th September to bring awareness on health tips.The objectives are
1. To review the frequency of problem to various diet and nutrition in the communities.
2. To aware people through the activities such as exhibition,guest lecture,outreach programme and road rally.

DAY – 1

In order to observe National Nutrition Week the first day started with inauguration and exhibition with the chief guest Dr Rekha Sethi our Principal.She addressed the gathering about the applications of life sciences in our day to day life and also encouraged the students to update the knowledge on the same.
The students of B,Sc Biotechnology actively participated in exhibition and exhibited the role of nutrients in healthy in lively manner. Students and faculty members of various streams visited the exhibition and gained knowledge on diet and health.

IMG20170901110235 IMG20170901110725 IMG20170901115511 IMG20170901115800 IMG20170901120223 IMG20170901120327 IMG20170901120539 IMG20170901120702 IMG20170901121307 IMG20170901121407 IMG20170901122038 IMG20170901122124 IMG20170901124843 IMG20170901125021

DAY – 2

The second day started in order to observe National Nutrition Week ,the department  conducted vegetable carving and fruit and vegetable salad preparation Competition  to all degree students on 4th September 2017 . The vegetable carving was judged by Mr Tony, Head Department of Management and Dr Rajanna, Dept of Kannada. The Fruit and vegetable carving was judged by Principal Dr Rekha Sethi ,Ms Anni Aruna Kumari ,Department of English and Ms Savitha ,Libraarian The students activity participated in the competition.

20170904_115457 20170904_124156 20170904_124213 20170904_124533 IMG20170904130849 IMG20170904130943 IMG20170904131035 IMG20170904131306 IMG20170904131312 IMG20170904131442 IMG20170904131524 IMG20170904131641 IMG20170904131729 IMG20170904150905

DAY – 3

To observe National Nutrition Week. the third day  5th September 2017  was observed with Guest Lecture Ms Aishwaryia, Senior Dietician, Manipal Hospital,Bangalore.She addressed the gathering about the diet, food of different ages and nutrients in eating habit .Students and faculty members interacted with many queries.

IMG20170906103343 IMG20170906103351 IMG20170906103918 IMG20170906110251 IMG20170906110448 IMG20170906112204 IMG20170906115500 IMG20170906115510 IMG20170906115536

DAY – 4

To observe National Nutrition Week. the fourth day  6th September 2017  was observed with outreach programmed conducted at Concordia Higher Primary school, Oorgaum KGF.Our students and faculty members discussed about the daily food habits and nutritive value.

IMG20170906130529 IMG20170906130538 IMG20170906130612 IMG20170906130829 IMG20170906131039 IMG20170906131459 IMG20170906132037 IMG20170906132702 IMG20170906132843 IMG20170906132952

DAY – 5

To observe National Nutrition Week. the fifth day  7th  September 2017  conducted  Road Rally with our Principal Dr Rekha Sethi, Faculty members and students to bring awareness on Health and Diet for public at KGF.

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