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ELC Competition: Pick & Speak

The English Literary Club organized a Pick and Speak Competition on Wednesday, 13th September 2017. Several students from the first, second and final year B. Com., B. Sc. and BBA participated enthusiastically. The varied topics covered a wide range from Benefits of Reading, Cricket- A Religion in India, E-waste Disposal, Swacch Bharath, Role of Mass Media, Computer Literacy, My Favourite Sportsperson, National Festivals, Good Manners and Discipline, English – A Global Language, etc. The impromptu speeches helped the students to articulate their thoughts and express themselves confidently.

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Elite Club Inauguration

The Elite Club is a major literary forum at SBM Jain College, KGF. Since its inception, it has been the literary hub of the college, bringing out new innovative, educational and fun events which have boasted the co-curricular spirit of the institution in a very explosive way.

The English Literary club has officially begun its activities of 2017-18 with a fabulous inauguration ceremony. The function was graced with the presence of the chief guest Mr. Anthony Raj, The principal of Mahaveer Jain School, Dr. Rekha Sethi madam the principal of Jain College, KGF and two teaching staffs from Mahaveer Jain School. The chief guest Mr. Anthony Raj addressed the gathering with his inspiring and encouraging words. He spoke on the importance of being the Elite and developing a good personality and communication skills. Next Dr Rekha Sethi madam motivated the students with her outstanding words. Madam stressed on cultivating the right behavior and attitude for the holistic development of students .The function also included some cultural programs by the students .After the inauguration ceremony The Elite club  also conducted two fulfilled activities to make the day a memorable one for the students.

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