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The Annual Athletic Meet 2016 was organized on 3rd Sep 2016 in Beml Sports Complex. The Chief Guest for the event Were Mr. Sharath Gayakwad (Indian Paralympic swimmer), Mr. Mahender Kumar Munoth (Managing Trustee, SBMJC-KGF), Dr. Rekha Sethi (Principal, SBMJC-KGF) and Mr. Nirmal Nahar.

Mr. Sharath Gayakwad said that everybody is born with a talent and the talent only needs to be sharpened. He stressed and told that only hard work can get you to the desired destination. He also mentioned that it was not easy to be a teacher, only when the person becomes a teacher he understands that one has to give his complete 100%. He has won 41 International and 65 National Medals out of which he has 6 international and 54 national Level Gold medals. He motivated the students by saying that no constrain can come in  the way of your progress and gave importance to students discipline. He ended his speech by telling the students to continuously try and never stop.

Mr. Mahender kumar Munoth congratulated Mr. Uday Kumar M, Mr. Rakesh T M and Mr. Vincent Paul in training the students to qualify for the state level sports as well as the conduction of Annual Athletic Meet.

Dr. Rekha Sethi said that SBMJC KGF students and staff have the ability to face any obstacles and strain and stand apart as winners and out shine in any field.

Welcome was done by Ms. Anne, Mr.Murali Kumar introduced the chief guest and the vote of thanks was given Mr.Jayapandian, the Placement officer of SBMJC-KGF

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