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Planting of saplings

The Planting of Saplings programme was jointly organised by NSS unit of SBMJC K G F and the forest Department more than 300 students took part in this programme more than 1000  Planting were done.
chief Guest: sr Judges of KGF court were presented, Dr Rekha Sethi Principal of SBMJC, and Mr L jayapandian were present.

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Awareness on Dengu

SBMJC and other education education in KGF under the leadership of Sri S Rajanderan Ex M L A  of KGF and sanjeevini college of paramedical Science organised Dengue awareness programme form Jain college more than 300 students took part in the procession and created an awareness among the general public of K G F about Dengue fever and what are the precaution to be taken.NSS officer mr L JAYAPANDIAN and Dy NSS officer MR udhya were present.

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Sharmadam by NSS Unit

Sharmadam programme at ooruguam railway station road  by Sri Bhawagan Mahaveer Jain College. The NSS volunteers their repair the road and made convenient for the people who no of students present were 50 members

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