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For and against were conducted to the students of final year “A” sec on the date 27.1.18 .The topic was “IS THERE A NECESSARY IN CHANGE OF THE INDIAN LAW” which was headed by Ms. Madhu Ashwini.

The best speakers and the winners are:

1st prize – Shankara Bhashiyam.O

2nd prize- Karthick Reddy .G.R

3rd prize-Aishwarya.T.M

IMG_20180127_101012 IMG_20180127_101140 IMG_20180127_101300 IMG_20180127_101345 IMG_20180127_101431

Video Based Class for Final Year students

Video based class was conducted for the final year students on the subject Business Regulations which was headed by Ms. Madhu ashwini and Ms. Reena

The video clips were played related to the 1st unit “INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW” adopting the new method to make the student understand the concept for the theoretical subject.

IMG_20180124_121609 IMG_20180124_122356_HDR IMG_20180124_130442_HDR IMG_20180124_130454_HDR IMG_20180124_130516


Dr.N.S.A.M First Grade College (NITTE) conducted FDP WORKSHOP for faculty for three day on the topic ”RESEARCH METHODOLOGY” in which Asst prof.MADHU ASHWINI.P from the Dept of Commerce had attended the session.The key speaker for this program was Dr. Narayendra, Dr. Balaji, Dr.Rithika , Dr.Shylaja and Dr.Dipti.

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