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Value Added Program by Mr. Santosh Kumar

The department of Commerce organized Value Added Programme on 12 Jan 2017.

The selected topic was “Trading on Stock Market” a scheduled three days certified Course conducted by Mr. Santosh kumar V (SEBI registered Research and Market Analyst).

The course provided a detailed insight about the stock market. Which gave a real time experience to the students.

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Stratagem: Win over examinations

After a course of learning and training, students’ proficiency is formally assessed by the education system.  In spite of speculations over holding examinations, it is an integral part of the education system in India.

Here are few tips that can ease you while you endeavor;

Plan: To succeed in achieving your goal, planning is a must.  Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  Schedule your time before and after school/college.  Create a study plan covering the subjects pertaining to the course of study.  Schedule time including sleep, food, relaxation and entertainment. Do not over do either of them.

Attend classes regularly: Never skip classes. Every topic is essential in imparting its knowledge and is essential to obtain marks/grades.

Focus:  Being attentive in class solves most of the problems.  Physically present and mentally absent in class does no good.  Probe if a topic cannot be comprehended.  Develop listening skills.

Revise: On the very day revise what was learnt. Do not keep for tomorrow, for tomorrow has its share of load to come.

Try a Technique: Write and learn. Writing helps the learner register the matter and remember better. Prepare flow charts, short notes and pictorial representations which will help recall the learnt.

Self Assess: Measure your status of knowledge attained by taking periodical tests, that can be daily or weekly or after every topic.

Seek Help: It is of no harm to take aid from others.  Seek guidance and help from those who are better in knowledge and skill pertaining to the subject of study.

Practice:  Practice helps register better and gain speed.  Whether it is knowledge or skill, more the practice better the results.

Never Cheat:  Cheating and Malpractice is unethical and in due course these activities will bring down one’s self esteem and self reliance. Opting for unethical ways to succeed can lead to bad repercussions.  Never Cheat.

Have faith: Hard work and smart work always fruits.

Rashmi S

Admin Executive