Workshop on Online Stock Trading by BSE

Department of Commerce in association with Bombay Stock Exchange which is established in 1875,the Bengaluru region, conducted  one day workshop on Online Stock Trading for 2nd year students  on 4TH April 2019 as a value addition towards their syllabus stock and commodities market paper in 4th Semester.

Mr. Tilakraj Rai Associate Manager department of investors service and regional compliance Karnataka region B.S.E Ltd, Phone no:9987976090 and Mr. Shivakumar. G. Asst, Manager, Manager for Department of Business Development and Marketing Karnataka Region B.S.E Ltd, were the trainers for the session.

The session was focused on history of stock exchange, how it was established and how it improved from traditional method of investing to the modern method.

Then the session moved to the practical session how to create a beneficiary account and to trade, the student’s were taught virtual trading by creating their own account.

Total number of students present: 63.

Faculty In charge: Asst. Professor Mr. Harish G. contact no:7975524579

Objective of the session:

  1. To gain a practical knowledge about online buying and selling of shares.
  2. To know the timing of buying and selling, and choosing of portfolio,
  3. Making profit or losing money while trading.
  4. Trading on opening of a stock broker account that is  DEMAT Account
  5. Techniques to increase wealth.


  1. The students enjoyed the training sessions
  2. Students learned the history of stock exchange and how gradually stock exchange improved from traditional method to electronic method.
  3. Students involved virtual trading out of 63 students Miss. Ashwini and Sandhya 2ndcom B section gained a profit of 19000 so they rewarded first prize and received a bull statue Miss soundarya  and Merlin A section Bagged second prize with a profit of 11000  and  they rewarded wth a handbook of B.S.E



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