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Medical Check up for the Marathon

The Medical Check up for the Marathon organised by Rotary Club of KGF and Rotaract Club of SBMJC- KGF went on very smoothly..
Amomg the dignitaries were present
Rtn Muniyappa President Rotary Club
Secretary Rtn Gopinath
Joint Secretary Rtn Dinesh
Dr Muralidhar
Dr. Manjunath
Dr. Nagappa
Dr. Parameshwarappa
Dr. Satish
Dr. V.N. Prakash
Dr. Savitha prabhu
Dr. Pankajarani
Dr. Magimai Das
Dr. Vijayakumar
Dr. Jayaprakash
Dr. Mohan krishna
Dr. Geetha Mohan krishna
Dr. Mouni
Dr. Raghunath
Dr. Senthil
Experienced doctors made their time to come over to examine the participants of the Marathon…

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Polio Awarness Marathon

We at RC Sbmjc-kgf successfully volunteered and participated in creating awareness about eradicating polio. In our town Kolar Gold Fields for a better future by taking part in 8km Polio Awareness Marathon organised by our parent Rotary Club KGF.
It was a successful event where more than 600 participants took part and here a 70 year only senior citizen completed the marathon and a set an example for the youngsters, that no goal is too big at any age. Both men and women participated in this run, which made this run a grand success.
We congratulate the winners and all the participants and volunteers for joining hands in making history. We personally thank all the Rotaractors, Sandhya madam, Dr Muralidhar and others for guiding us in making this event successful.
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Department of Computer Science Faculty Presented a Paper in National Conference

The Department of Computer Science Faculty Mr. Anthony Raj A Presented a Paper in National Conference

Organized by New Horizon College  Kasturi Nagar Bangalore 

on 23 February 2017

NCA2CS-2017 ( National Conference on Advance Computing and Communication System )

 Topic:” Exploring Application of Data Mining Technology in Commerece & Management”

New Horizon College Bangalore

New Horizon College Bangalore

National Conference At New Horizon College Bangalore

National Conference At New Horizon College Bangalore