Daily Archives: January 19, 2017


The Student Welfare Association of SBMJC, KGF organized Youth Fest “SAMPARK 2017” on 19th January 2017. The youth fest was organized to search for the hidden talent like their knowledge, Skills and various relations in the current happenings in the youth with a moto “We Care For You”

SAMPARK means connecting young minds, it is a celebration of rigours and exuberance of youth in a war of wit and wisdom, when only the best can win.

The SWA was headed By MS. Sujatha Arrasu the SWA officer and the SWA members.

In the Fest many colleges from Kolar District Participated where they showcased their talent in different ways.

The inauguration was done by the release of SAMPARK logo designed by Mr. Immanuel and group and the chief guest for the event was Mr. Mahendar Kumar Munoth, Managaing Trustee- SBMJC-KGF and  Dr. Rekha Sethi, Principal SBMJC-KGF.

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