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Degree Graduation Day 2016

“A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that ‘individuality’ is the key to success.”

The graduation day began with a invocation song followed by lighting of the lamp by the Principal Dr. Rekha Sethi, Cultural committee coordinator and the parent representatives. A prelude to the graduation day was given by Ms. Kasturi, Head of the department of commerce and the audience were welcomed by Ms. Lousina, Head of the department of life science. The Graduation march was led by the Principal followed by the HOD and students of SBMJC, KGF. The Graduation oath was rendered to the students by their respective heads of the departments. The Graduation address was given by Dr. Rekha sethi were she emphasized on the need to continuously learn for the rest of their life’s, get inspired by great people and carry out their professionalism through the code of conduct taught to them by the institution and their parents. Senior faculty members Dr.ShabeerBasha, Mr.Siddharamma expressed their views on this day and their journey ahead. The placement officer Mr.Jayapandian presented the annual placement report where 31 students who have obtained jobs through campus drives were felicitated. The awards for academic performance, participation in Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities were given in the form of Best outgoing in various disciplines. Some of the Graduating students and their parents shared their thoughts and thanked the faculty and the Institution for creating a wonderful learning platform. The course completing certificate was given to all the students by the teaching fraternity. The vote of thanks was proposed by the head of department of Kannada Dr. Manjula.

Sl.No Name of the Student Award Name Department
1 Durga Devi M Best Outgoing Student in English B.Sc
2 Jeevitha N Cent Percentage Attendance in English B.Sc
3 Gowthami Best Outgoing Student in Kannada B.Sc
4 Vijay H S Cent Percentage Attendance in Kannada B.Com
5 Sukhi  V Mungarwadi Best Outgoing Student in Hindi BCA
6 Manasa S Cent Percentage Attendance in Hindi B.Com
7 Vivek N Best Outgoing Student in B.Com B.Com
8 Sumithra V Cent Percentage Attendance in B.Com B.Com
9 Amreen Saba S F Best Outgoing Student in BBM BBM
10 Soundarya A Cent Percentage Attendance in BBM BBM
11 Meenakshi Best Outgoing Student in BCA BCA
12 Sowjanya S Cent Percentage Attendance in BCA BCA
13 Durga Devi M Best Outgoing Student in B.Sc- PMCs B.Sc
14 Jeevitha N Cent Percentage Attendance in B.Sc- PMCs B.Sc
15 Lavanya C S Best Outgoing Student in B.Sc- BGB B.Sc
16 Keerthana K V Cent Percentage Attendance in B.Sc- BGB B.Sc
17 Kavyashree Best Sportswoman B.Sc
18 Raghavendra A Best Sportsman BBM
19 SudeepBhetwal Best Library User B.Com
20 Sowjanya S Best Library User BCA
21 Mahesh Kumar Best NSS Volunteer B.Com
22 Anitha P Best NSS Volunteer B.Com
23 Ashish C Jain Best Cultural Forum Coordinator B.Com
24 Ayesha A Khan Best Cultural Forum Coordinator B.Sc
25 Ankush Jain Best Overall Performer BBM
26 Amos John Samuel J Most Active and Supportive B.Com

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Rainbow Week-2016

Colors Play a important role in a persons life..!!

If we make a chain with beads of all colors its more beautiful than chains of each type
It shows the union of different people different cultures different things different ideas makes our Life more  beautiful, Which will bring more happiness to our life.
Violet,Indigo,Blue ,Green,Yellow,Orange and Red these  colors are combined to make up a rainbow, without any of  these one color it can’t give the beauty of a rainbow.
All these things shows the unity. So unity is the most  important thing according to me and all the colors must have its own importance in our life.

DSC_5453 DSC_5456 DSC_5464 DSC_5461 DSC_5446 DSC_5436

Degree Ethnic Day 2016

Ethnic Day is an opportunity to celebrate the cultures of different States together on a single day. In the digital world, “World is One” yet we all carry different identities represented by what we wear, eat, believe and celebrate.

Lets come together and celebrate our diversity as “One World”.

Ethnic Day is a day of fun, dance, music, food and party in a traditional way. Let’s go back to our roots and share with others our uniqueness.

Let’s be One. Let’s be Ethnic.


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