Daily Archives: April 7, 2016

Free Health Camp on Occasion of World Health Day

The Rotaract club and Indian Red cross Society of Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College, KGF organized  FREE HEALTH CAMP in association with Private Doctors Association and Rotary Club of KGF on the occasion of WORLD HEALTH DAY.

This health camp was opened to the Public of KGF. The camp had the privilege of 20 esteemed high profile doctors and surgeons from Kolar district. Six simultaneous sessions were conducted on various topics for students of SBMJC KGF associated to general health awareness and specified topics like Diabetes, Heart diseases, oral hygiene etc., In addition to this the sexual harassment cell of SBMJC KGF also hosted a talk on sexual harassment on workplaces for the students.

The health camp was inaugurated by Mr. Mahendar Kumar, Managing Trustee-SBMJC KGF, Dr.Rekha Sethi Principal-SBMJC, KGF, Dr. Manjunath, President- Private Doctors Association and Mr. Natarajan, President- Rotary Club, KGF.

200 Public benefited from this camp along with the students of the college. On this occasion Ms. Sandhya, coordinator of the Rotaract club, SBMJC KGF told about the significance of the celebration of World Health Day. Mr Mahendar said that this camp should be extended to rural areas, Dr. Manjunath enlightened the students on the theme of this years World Health Day celebration as Diabetes, the reasons for the development of diseases and prevention. Mr. Natarajan congratulated the college on going activities. Dr. Rekha Sethi said it was very important to not feel sick and tired and the present youth need to understand that when you take care of your health when you are young you have a very healthy old age.

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