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Release of 1st Annual Magazine “GOLDEN THRESHOLD 2015” by Dr. Chenraj Roychand



The event began with Invocation to salutations to Godess Sharada were rendered followed by lighting of the lamp by the Dignitaries Dr.Chenraj Roychand, Chairman-Jain Group of Institutions, Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Managing Trustee and Dr.Rekha Sethi, Principal SBMJC, KGF.

On this occasion the Chief Guest for the event Dr. Chenraj Roychand motivated the students about the use of knowledge in the right manner for making careers and encouraged entrepreneurship, he said that one has to think beyond himself to become successful and asked the student community to have a few basic principals in lifelike to believe in oneself, work hard, never to give up, take help from others, network with people, remain focused, time management, to not complicate things and remain simple for success in life.

Dr.Rekha Sethi, Principal of SBMJC KGF spoke about need to reflect on our entire education system and understand if we are sufficiently equipped to face and train the students for the challenges in future and said that SBMJC KGF is catering to a balanced curriculum with the cream of value added education and skilled development programs. She said that the Magazine which showcases the activities of the institution in the past academic year was a mile stone which marks growth and unfolds imagination and creativity.

Golden Threshold 2015 covers the academic as well as the co-curricular and extra curricular activities of all the Departments, Forums and Cells. It also has the articles written in English, Hindi and Kannada by the faculty and students of SBMJC, KGF.


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