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SWAACH BHARATH Programme Organised by NSS wing in 2015

The Department of NSS Degree and PUC of SBMJC, KGF with collaboration with City Municipal Corporation KGF and other Colleges participated in “SWAACH BHARATH” programme.

The chief Guest of the programme was Dr.Rekha sethi, Principal of SBMJC KGF who inaugurated the programme and Mr. Purosutham (Ret IBM) was also Present. 120 Students from SBMJC NSS wing took part in the programme and created awareness among the general public on Enviornmental Clenliness and the students even carried out cleanliness activity in few of the public places like Municipal park, Government General Hospital etc.

The Other Chief Guests who were present in the Programme were Mr. Mahendra Kumar Munoth, Managaing Trustee of SBMJC, Mr. Jaya pandian and Mr. Shiva Kumar, the NSS officers of SBMJC.

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