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+918153 261733/261833
Dr Rekha Sethi (Director)

Student Welfare Association

Providing Efficient, Amicable Quality and Integral support and care to students..


Student Welfare encompasses everything that a college community does to meet the personal and social needs of students and enhance the well being. It involves recognizing valuing and developing each student as a total and unique person in the context of society. The Student Welfare Programme is the sum total of all of the policies, structures and activities which are planned and implemented by the college the promote student welfare..


  • To gain the satisfaction associated with challenge and achievements. . .
  • To develop understanding and skills in communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Develop a realistic and comprehensive self concept, enhance their self esteem, and develop their interests and abilities.

Other Cells

  • Anti Ragging Cell
  • Anti Sexual
  • Grievance and Compliance Cell
  • Womens Cell
  • NSS
  • Rotract Club