A Human being Human is the most appropriate way to say thanks… Never forget the toddler’s step you undertook to be right here and never ignore the ladder on which you climbed up….

With these true thoughts in mind, SBMJC – KGF remembers all those young, energetic, dynamic, enterprising and hardworking young citizens of our proud country, who were once upon a time with us as a member of our extended JGI family with their membership at SBMJC- KGF. The society looks forward towards the Institution for its mighty contribution in the field of education and learning while the Institution looks forward towards their alumni’s who can make a difference to the contribution from the Institution towards the society with their involvement, active participation and sincere commitment with the sole intention to serve the Nation and the Younger generation of the Nation.As such we name this movement as “ I am responsible for our Society “ in which alumni’s will take up the initiatives in association with the Institution for a better living and society.Then, go ahead fill in the details and wait for the call to reach you to make you reach their…


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